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Hello, we are Katie and John and we are looking for someone reliable and caring who can pick up our son, aged 5 from School. We both work as teachers at the school and are looking for someone to pick him up from a designated point and then wait with him until we finish work. We would need this each Monday, Tuesday and Friday. He needs to be picked up from 3:15 staying with him until around 3:45. At 3:45 we can collect him from you at a meet point in the school. The school is abiding by safe distancing at this time and we need someone reliable who can adhere to the school's safe pick up policies which includes scanning into safe entry, maintaining 1 metre safe distancing, hand washing and temperature checks. We also have set inset/teacher training days during the year to which we are looking for someone reliable to come to our home and play with our son and also our 8 year old daughter whilst they are off school and us in work (approximately 8-4pm). This can be a separate babysitter to the school pick up but if the same person is available, this is most desirable for continuity for our children. They are very easy to look after, play well together, very well behaved and friendly.

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