Stories from the Babysits community

I had recently moved to Singapore and having spent most of my life surrounded by younger siblings, I was really missing their company. I signed up to Babysits so I could care for children whilst also earning an income. Babysits helped me find families that were a perfect match for me and now I regularly baby sit for a lovely family that live nearby!

Faith, Singapore

I was looking for a suitable childcare provider for my family and ended up finding a great nanny through the website. The process went really smoothly and we were really satisfied that we could search based on the experience and qualifications that our family needed. Overall, we had a great experience with Babysits.

Joyce, Singapore

I wanted to get a job to earn money to go travelling around Europe, but I was still studying at school full time so I didn't have much free time. Babysits allowed me to work part-time, whenever I wanted without being tied down by a contract like other jobs. Thanks Babysits!

Ryan, Singapore

During my studies, I was searching for a summer job to help pay for my tuition fees. I ended up finding the perfect babysitting job via Babysits. I was able to find a position with a great family with two beautiful children; Babysits provided me a great opportunity to find quality childcare work quickly.

Janet, Singapore