Stories from the Babysits community

I was searching for a part-time job for a while when a relative mentioned Babysits to me. I made an account on the website, and soon I was able to find the perfect babysitting job that fit my personality and schedule. I truly enjoy helping the children learn and coming up with new ideas for games for them to play. I would absolutely recommend Babysits to anyone looking to babysit or looking for a childcare provider.

Alex, Singapore

I wanted to get a job to earn money to go travelling around Europe, but I was still studying at school full time so I didn't have much free time. Babysits allowed me to work part-time, whenever I wanted without being tied down by a contract like other jobs. Thanks Babysits!

Ryan, Singapore

Babysits made it so much easier for me to find a job in childcare! I was able to see that several parents in my area were looking for someone to take care of their child. I contacted a couple of them through the Babysits app and pretty soon I had received a job offer from a family. I'm really happy to be part of such a positive community!

Grace, Singapore

During my studies, I was searching for a summer job to help pay for my tuition fees. I ended up finding the perfect babysitting job via Babysits. I was able to find a position with a great family with two beautiful children; Babysits provided me a great opportunity to find quality childcare work quickly.

Janet, Singapore