5 Ways the Babysits App is Perfect for Traveling Families

5 Ways the Babysits App is Perfect for Traveling Families

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By Babysits
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Finding childcare can be daunting, especially in a foreign country. Do you want to ensure you always have an easy and safe way to find a babysitter or nanny while abroad? Keep reading to discover why the Babysits app is all you need to find childcare globally.

Benefits of Traveling with Kids

Including your children in overseas trips can not only add a little extra chaos to your holiday but will also bring a bunch of benefits to both the kids and the family as a whole.

Exposing kids to different countries from a younger age can help them develop greater respect for other cultures in the future, appreciate their environment more, as well as make them predisposed to new languages from a certain age. It can also bring the family closer by creating fun memories together and seeing each other happy and relaxed. There is nothing better than watching your kid filled with joy and curiosity, exploring new places.

Finding Childcare while Overseas

While family vacations can be all fun and games, they also tend to be demanding. Being able to find accessible and safe childcare while abroad can really come in handy during those times when you just want to explore some child-free activities or simply lay by the pool and do nothing for a few hours.

As already mentioned, finding quality childcare can already be a challenge back home, but it can be even harder when you’re in a new place with no prior contacts or experience. On top of that, you probably wouldn’t want to spend your holiday time researching babysitters online or bringing a nanny with you on the trip. So, what other options are there?

The Babysits App

The best option for you! Babysits launched in Singapore in 2019 and has aimed to be the safest and most reliable childcare platform for parents since. Besides its website, Babysits also introduced the Babysits app to the Singapore market in order to cater to the busy and dynamic lives of the Singapore community. While Babysits continues to help parents in Singapore find the best childcare for their families, it is also the perfect tool for those family vacations we talked about earlier. Here’s why:

best app for worldwide childcare

Available Worldwide

Babysits is currently available in over 64 countries and continuing to expand on a global scale. Its services extend to Europe, Asia, Australia, South Africa and South America. This means that wherever your travel plans may take you, chances are, Babysits is there! So, being a member of our community is a 64-in-1, offering easy and safe access to quality childcare worldwide, including your holiday destination.

No Extra Cost

Finding childcare abroad will no longer cost you extra money or precious vacation time. All you have to do is open the Babysits app and do what you do back home when looking for a babysitter. No extensive research on childcare policies overseas or screening countless options on sites you’re not familiar with. Babysits has you covered.

Finding Childcare On-The-Go

No one wants to spend time behind a computer on their holiday. That’s why Babysits has made finding childcare quick, accessible, and on-the-go via the Babysits app. Browsing, choosing, messaging and booking a babysitter, all done with a few clicks. Anytime, anywhere.

Easy Filtering

Babysits offers a wide range of childcare providers varying in terms of type, availability, language skills, level of experience, age and many more. These specifications allow parents to easily filter out the babysitters that work for them and those who do not, depending on what they are looking for. This way, no one’s time is wasted, and parents can find the perfect fit for their family as smoothly as possible.

Familiar and Reliable

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, Babysits wants to make parents feel safe and comfortable using the Babysits services anywhere. We aim to create an empowered global community that can rely on us no matter where they are in the world. That is why we believe that once you’ve had a good experience with Babysits in Singapore, you can count on us to provide you with the best childcare wherever you may be.

We appreciate all our members and would love to help you make your family travels as happy and relaxed as possible. Ready to find your babysitter abraod? Check out the countries supported by Babysits here! You can log in with your existing account on any Babysits country platform or sign up here if you haven't already!

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