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Helpful reviews & references

Beverline from Singapore Island
October 2021

Beverline was a kind, patient, and responsible babysitter for my 4-year-old daughter.

Michael from Singapore
October 2021

Very friendly, kind and welcoming family with a beautiful baby and a cute dog! They guided me through everything, and their daughter, Hop...

Martin from Singapore Island
October 2021

Martin and his family were very welcoming and hospitable. Their girl, Tara, was also such a lovely and delightful girl to care for. Than...

Stevanie Tawana from Singapore
October 2021

Stevanie was courteous and engaged. She was amazing with our daughter and is a wonderful person to have in your home!

Sophia from Singapore
October 2021

Sophia works very hard and was very attentive to our daughter who has lots of energy. Sophia was able to keep up and maintain our daughte...

Farah from Singapore
October 2021

Farah was considerate, professional and very caring with our daughter. She did an amazing job!

Haney from Singapore
October 2021

Very patient and gentle babysitter. Much recommended. :)

Rafael from Singapore
October 2021

Rafael and his family were very welcoming and made me feel comfortable in their home. Their daughter Helena was an energetic ball of joy...

Nicole from Singapore
October 2021

Nicole was really great with our 3yo Helena, kind and polite and kept her entertained despite of speaking different languages. Looking fo...

Wil from Singapore Island
October 2021

I had a great session with Ethan! He was a bit grumpy due to his teething, but I managed to see a couple of his smiles when we passed by...

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