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Helpful reviews & references

Nur from Singapore
September 2021

It’s been accommodating, the twins are so adorable! For the start, the parents bring me around their house before i start my duty, as thi...

Hanie from Singapore
September 2021

Good with children. Learns fast. Has initiative. Wonderful experience having her as a babysitter

Diana from Singapore
September 2021

Diana was able to come for us in a short duration. We have been very happy with Diana's ability to handle easily.

Hayati from Singapore Island
September 2021

Imaan was full of energy with lots of creativity and imagination. She is very easy to take care of and keeps you entertained the whole ti...

Jia Xin from Singapore Island
September 2021

Jiaxin has a calm demeanour yet plays well with my 3 year old girl. My daughter was well occupied with imaginative play throughout the wh...

Rebecca from Singapore
September 2021

A wonderful experience working with the family! Everything was easy, the boys were fun to be with,polite and obedient! Parents were welco...

Joey from Singapore
September 2021

We (the parents) and our kids felt very comfortable with Joey. Very gentle and sensible. A very smooth and reassuring experience for all.

Chua from Singapore
September 2021

She is patient, lovely and experienced. My daughter has separation anxiety and do not really accept stranger. But she is patient and take...

Nupur from Singapore
September 2021

Nupur and her family were wonderful, they made sure I had everything I needed and were understanding when I was inexperienced in anything...

Le Er from Singapore
September 2021

Le Er was absolutely amazing with my 3 year old son. She took full responsibility of managing him for the entire day without any supervis...

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